We love pop music, and we're not afraid to admit it.

Adam Lambert — “Never Close Our Eyes”

You guys, I’m obsessed with this song. Like, legitimately obsessed to the point that I can’t stop playing it at full volume in my car, my apartment, on my iPod… everywhere. I also can’t stop singing it.

Basically, I’m annoying everyone around me with my never-ending parade of this flawless pop masterpiece.

"American Idol" alum Adam Lambert has really struck gold with this one. It’s dancey, it’s pop-y, it’s amazing-y, and it’s got Lambert’s signature glamtastic vocals.

Good thing it got a proper video treatment to do the song justice, too. It starts off in a dark  and drab dystopian future, in a society where people are herded like sheep and… somehow controlled through their eyes? Good thing we’re not closing ours ever!

Eventually, Mr. Lambert is leading an uprising of sexy-anorexic dancers with dead eyes, and before you know it, though, the video’s transformed into the most spectacular Glambert-approved ’80s-inspired day-glo dance party you’ve ever seen.

Oh, sweet Jesus… It’s basically the gayest thing ever, and I LOVE IT.